If You Let Your CNA License Expire There is A Way To Get It Back. Read More Below…

CNA License Renewal in California

How To Get Your CNA License back!

CNA license renewal in California can be tricky if you do not know what to do.  Losing your CNA license can be detrimental to your life and career! No One wants to hear that they cannot work anymore because they did not meet the requirements for CNA Renewal.

In this article, we are going to give you the exact steps to take to get your CNA License reinstated and get you back to work.

First you must know what CDPH requires from you before you can renew your CNA License. You must complete at least 12 CEU’s (Continued Education Units) the first year of your license. The second year you must complete 36 CEU’s. One CEU is equal to 1 hour of training. 

You are allowed 24 CEU’s online and the other 24 must be done in class. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a denial for your CNA License Renewal. Does that mean I’ll have to take a program all over again? Keep Reading!

If you did not complete the required hours to renew your CNA License, then there is one option and that is… take the state exam again!

CDPH changed their rules in 2018 allowing CNA’s to retake the state exam instead of going back to school. This is a big relief for a lot of CNA’s who lost their license but that does leave one more concern.

For most CNA’s they have not practiced the way the state want skills performed in quite some time.  The skills exam  tests you on 5 of the 21 skills that you need to know.Lucky for you if you are reading this article, we have 21 skills videos that you can watch HERE

 As far as the written exam we suggest you research online for CNA Exam Prep and study the materials. Our CNA Program here at Western Medical Training Center is solely focused on training our students to pass the CNA exam and getting their license.

To renew your CNA license you must first fill out and submit a 283C form that states you did not meet the requirements and would like to request to take the CNA exam. The California Department of Health will send you a form that confirms that you can take the CNA exam to reinstate your CNA License.

After receiving the paperwork for CDPH, you must visit to fill out their form and choose a location to take your exam. Once you pass the exam your license will be reinstated and you can start working again. 

CNA License Renewal in California

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