How To Become A CNA In 30 Days Or Less

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How to become a CNA in 30 Days

You’re probably wondering how to become a CNA in 30 days or less right? Becoming a CNA is really not that hard to do compared to getting your LVN or RN license.
The first step is choosing the right school to go to that is accepted by the State of California that gives the required amount of hours.

The Second step is passing your state exam to get your CNA license.
Getting your CNA license is the first step if you want to become a nurse and the job possibilities keep climbing year after year.
CNA’s are needed in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and other agencies.

The pay rate is between $14 and $17 with benefits in San Diego depending on your experience.
At WMTC, we have many employers that come to our school looking for nurses because they know the worth of our students.

Most of our students have no experience and still are able to land a job within 30 days or less because we teach them the skills needed to start their career.

This is how to become a CNA in 30 days or less and start your new career in the healthcare field.

How Ot Become A CNA in 30 Days Or Less

CNA Requirements to Take The State Exam

Getting your CNA license in the state of California requires that you be 16 years of age and have 150 hours of training before you can take your state exam.

We provide our students with 174 hours of training to make sure that you pass your state exam and get all the training needed to get out into your new career.

We provide you with not only theory and clinical but a skills review day before you take your state exam.

Our CNA program consists of 51 hours of theory, 20 hours of lab and 103 hours of clinical training at a nursing facility under that watch of your instructor.
We provide you with 4 hours of CPR that gets you your CPR certification and you get your CPR card the same day.


We also provide live scan and this is all included in your tuition.
Live scan is for finger printing so if you have a criminal record you will have to get your cases expunged and cleared with state before being able to work as a CNA.

Taking Your CNA State Exam

The state exam consists of 2 parts, a written test and a skills test. You MUST pass both parts of the exam to be able to get your license from the state of California.
We know that this is a VERY stressful time for our students and we help as much as possible to get over the anxiety.

That is why we offer a State Exam Review day before the state exam to practice all your skills and to ask any additional questions you may have.
We are very proud of our passing rate which is at 94%, the state average is 86%, and we keep this standard year after year.

The state of California gives you 3 chances to pass the state exam without having to take a CNA class again but you must pay for the part that you did not pass.
Right now Regional Testing Center is charging $100 for the state exam. If you happen to fail you only have to take the part of the test that you failed.

For example, if you fail your skills but pass your written you will only have to pay $65 to take that part of the test again.
On the other hand if you fail your written and pass skills you will only have to pay $35 to take that part of the test.

Get Started Today With Our CNA Program

We offer 3 different schedule to accommodate our students schedules.
We offer a Weekday, Evening and Weekend CNA program that is either 22 or 44 days, depending on the schedule you choose.

Our Weekday Schedule is 22 day Monday – Friday From 7 am – 3:30 PM.
Our Weekend schedule only takes 22 days is Saturday & Sunday From 7 am – 3:30 PM.
Our Evening class is 44 days because you are only in school for 4 hours a day Monday – Friday 4 pm. – 8 pm.

Join the WMTC family and get your registration started today with only $100 deposit to hold your seat in the class.
Just fill out your information below and you can pay your registration online.

If you are not comfortable paying online, you can always call us at our office or come in to the school and make your deposit.
We have made everything easy for you and you can complete your enrollment online if you wish.

This is how to become a CNA in 30 days or less. We look forward to having you as a student in our upcoming CNA classes and wish you the best in what ever school you decide to enroll in…

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