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Who is This Program For?

1. VN/RN students who needs a Pharmacology course to take the NCLEX-PN based on the equivalency method.
2.Foreign RN graduates who are required to take a Pharmacology course to be eligible for NCLEX PN in the state of CA.
3.CNA/MA/EMT who meets the experience requirement set by CA BVNPT under method 3

Each state sets its own set of rules for challenging the board and taking the NCLEX-PN.

Most Likely, This Program Will Not Meet The Requirements for Your State UNLESS you live in California.

Contact your state’s board of nursing to see if they allow anyone to challenge their requirements.
You will have to document everything you claim, if you want your challenge to succeed.


How is Your Pharmacology Curriculum?

Our 54 Hour Online Pharmacology Course is designed to provide an in-depth overview of pharmacology concepts and practice application for entry-level nurses.

Contents include principles of medication preparation and administration, dosage calculation, and commonly used medications and their actions, delivered through an online course.

Start by gaining a basic understanding of therapeutic and adverse effects, in addition to the basic operation of the nervous system.
Next, review several body systems and the conditions that affect them, including the nervous system and psychological disorders like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, with particular reference to the use of drugs to treat these conditions.

Throughout the course, you will explore specific classes of drugs such as muscle relaxants, anesthetics and pain medication.
When you’re finished with our 54 Hour Online Pharmacology Program, you’ll come away with an appreciation of how drugs affect the body in intended and unintended ways.

Program Written to fully comply to California Code of Regulations Division 25 Article 4. Licenses § 2516(b)(2).

Here is What You Will Learn

  • Pharmacology Basics
  • Drugs Affecting the Central Nervous System
  • Drugs Affecting the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Drugs Affecting the Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
  • Drugs Affecting the Respiratory System
  • Anti-infective and Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • Drugs Affecting the Cardiovascular and Renal Systems
  • Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Biologic and Immune Modifiers
  • Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition
  • Dermatologic, Ophthalmic, and Optic Drugs
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Is the course accredited?

Accreditation applies to a school or program that confers any degree. This course is not a part of a degree program. We don’t offer any program that confers any degree and therefore you will not find us in the list of institutions that are accredited

What are the requirements under method 3 to be eligible for the state board exam and do I have to be a CNA?

No, you don’t have to be a certified nursing assistant. As long as you are involved with direct patient care, the board will give equivalent credits for your experience

Is this a regular vocational nursing program?

No. It is an equivalency method (method 3) wherein you use your experience as a nursing assistant or prior education to qualify for the LVN exam (NCLEX-PN)

Is there any additional courses that I need to take?

No. It is an equivalency method (method 3) wherein you use your experience as a nursing assistant or prior education to qualify for the LVN exam (NCLEX-PN)

What are the requirements to get into your 54 Hour Online Pharmacology Program?

None. The only course required by the board is 54 hours of Pharmacology. No other courses are needed

What are the requirements to get into your 54 Hour Online Pharmacology Program?

This is a stand alone course and no degree is conferred after course completion. This course is mainly used to meet the Pharmacology requirement of the equivalency method (method 3) for CA state board for Vocational Nursing.

How Long is Your Program?

This program takes 54 hours to complete. Our Pharmacology program is self paced, meaning there is no start and end date, you do the program on your own time. Most of our students complete the program in a 45 days.


Do I Receive a Certificate?

Yes you will be mailed your Certificate of Completion, Transcript, List of Topics Studied, and an official envelope, With prepaid postage, that you send to the board once.

CNA to LVN Method 3 – How To…

A 54 Hour Pharmacology Program is a requirement for the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) Method 3, CNA to LVN. The BVNPT Method 3 requires at least 51 months of paid bedside nursing experience including a minimum of each of the following:
– 48 months Medical/Surgical Nursing
– 6 weeks Maternity or Genitourinary Nursing
– 6 weeks Pediatric Nursing
– 54-hour Pharmacology Course

51 months paid experience of which:
48 months medical/surgical of which 40 months MUST be in a hospital on an inpatient ward (oncology, ICU, telemetry etc.) or a long term skilled facility.

A maximum 8 months may be gained in an outpatient such as clinic, ER, doctor’s office, outpatient rehab, EMT, psychiatric. The Board wants the majority of the med/surg experience (18+ inpatient) to be in a hospital on an inpatient ward or long term skilled facility handling adults.
1.5 months (240 paid hours) pediatrics
1.5 months (240 paid hours) maternity or genitourinary

Maternity and pediatrics may be gained in any of the above settings including inpatient and outpatient and does not count toward the 8 month maximum in outpatient medical/surgical.
All hours must be within the previous 10 years and half must be within the previous 5 years.
If you have a CNA certificate, submit a copy with your application for 5.0 months of med/surg credit. No credit for home health, assisted living or residential care facilities, phlebotomy, or CEU type courses.

Upon satisfactory completion of the 54 Hour Online Pharmacology course AND meeting the required experience stated above, the student will be able to sit and challenge the Vocational Nursing licensing examination and become an LVN without going through a completion of a regular Vocational Nursing Program.

If you have some formal nursing education and at one time were enrolled in a LVN or RN Program, you may meet the requirements to challenge the Board. It all depends on how much schooling you completed. Your school will have to submit to the boards required documentation so make sure you can get your school to participate.

If you are currently in a nursing program, make sure that you will or have completed 54 hours of pharmacology. From what we have seen lately, most nursing programs are only offering 48 hours of pharmacology, which will not satisfy the boards requirements.
If so , you can take our 54 hour Online Pharmacology Program and we will mail the required documents to the board once you pass the program with a 75% or greater.


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